• Mark Oliver: Litter Bug
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Mark Oliver: Litter Bug

Mark Oliver joined forces with Pitfield London to present an incredible exhibition of collage and assemblage; “The Litter Bug”, in our gallery space from April 1st to May 10th.

Mark is an award winning illustrator and highly innovative artist with a strong pedigree of museum and art gallery exhibitions. He has written and illustrated various books with publishers such as Macmillan and the Oxford University Press and in 2007 won the Gold Award for London Poster Awards.

The Litter Bug is a beautiful postmodern exploration and re-working of a Victorian insect collection and taxonomy crafted to create an artistic illusion that seduces the viewer into closer inspection. The artwork comes together using items that were thrown away left to rust and rot, which get stained, burnt and soon start to change their appearance as they try to return to nature.

A range of collaborative items were also made exclusively for Pitfield London.



  • artexhibitionpitfield londonreinvented