• Wendy Meakin & Daisuke: The Love Bomb
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Wendy Meakin & Daisuke: The Love Bomb

The “Love Bomb” dropped into Pitfield London with an explosive launch event supported by Sailor Jerry on the 3rd of July 7pm-10.30pm.

Wendy Meakin, a dealer on C4 “Four Rooms”, purchased the 1960’s British military test bomb from Military Mementos whilst on the show. She saw this as the perfect symbol to explore the love hate relationship human kind has had through the ages.

As an expert and former academic in the field of Visual Cultural Imagery she approached artist and Creative Director of THE 27 LIFEDaisuke Sakaguchi, her student over a decade ago at Central Saint Martins.

Being well known for his Japanese Tattoo motifs, Sakaguchi will paint the “Love Bomb”in the design that himself and Meakin have collaborated on incorporating traditional Japanese symbols of Love.

Please come and help us spread “Love against Hate” as Yoko Ono so eloquently advocates year after year. Come and be a part of the ongoing struggle for PEACE.




  • artcollaborationexhibitionpitfield london